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  Job Opportunities in the Recruitment Sector

The upshot of our candidate tight market is that we have a shortage of recruitment expertise across NZ.

NZ is very much about ‘earning your stripes’.  No matter the level you’ve achieved overseas be prepared to consider ‘hands on’ roles as your entry point to the NZ market.

There are some practical issues about the size of companies and the size of market that may mean your dream job just does not exist here. Please remember this is not a comment on your ability. There is an upside and it’s that you may have the opportunity to get a lot closer to the running of a business or a much broader look at a market you’ve previously been a specialist in.

As you can see from the diagram below the sectors are broad. For example, instead of specialising in just banking roles it is more likely you will work across the banking, finance and accounting sectors – all at the same time!

It's also worth noting that New Zealand companies are very open to short term contracts, providing you have the right Visa and it suits your travel arrangements. It’s easier here than other markets…. so we are told!


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