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  Recruiting in New Zealand?

The New Zealand employment market has changed significantly over the last 10 years. We have gone from candidate rich to candidate tight – very tight!

In fact, NZ currently has 3.6% unemployment, the lowest in over 30 years.  This has dramatically changed the landscape of the recruitment industry.

No longer can you be a transactional recruiter in this market, there simply isn’t the volume of talent to screen and process. Today’s recruiter is much more candidate proactive. Networking, in-person and online, using various methods of search and creative sourcing techniques are all required in order to be successful. 

And, it's competitive out there!

There is a ‘village’ mentality which is prevalent when choosing business relationships. Clients need to ‘like you before they’ll do business with you’. It is important to take this approach when establishing yourself in the NZ market.


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