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  Don't be fooled - we're not what you think!

Don't be fooled by the fact that we are called rec2REC™, we're not what you might expect.  No CV brokering, no head hunting – just true one-to-one talent representation. 


As New Zealand’s only national recruitment-to-recruitment company we can represent you to a wide variety of organisations throughout the country, effectively doing all the legwork for you.  This means you can arrive in New Zealand with back-to-back interviews and make the move down under with confidence.

  • With over 50 years recruitment experience from the major local markets we are qualified to ‘consult’ to you about your career in NZ.

  • We are passionate believers in recruitment being a credible profession. You’ll be dealing with experts!

  • Longest established recruitment to recruitment business in NZ

  • 9 times bigger than our largest competitor

  • Only national company with offices in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch

  • A no head hunt policy that means our relationships are market wide – there are no barriers to where we can match you.

  • We are candidate centric – we find jobs for candidates – not candidates for jobs! This stems from our motivation to manage the attrition rate within the industry and make sure we are matching you appropriately.

Our candidates’ feedback rates us a 9+ out of 10 and they tell us it is due to the great level of personal and professional service they receive. 

So if you have recruitment experience then get in touch with us – we will give you honest advice and information on the market and discuss your options to come up with a plan that works. 


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